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WhatsApp Web allows you to seamlessly use your WhatsApp account on your desktop or tablet in addition to your mobile device. With WhatsApp Web, you can send and receive messages, view media, and more from the convenience of a larger screen and keyboard.

WhatsApp Web is not a separate account – it simply allows you to access your existing WhatsApp account from a web browser. Any messages or activity on WhatsApp Web will sync immediately with the WhatsApp app on your phone. This makes it easy to switch between devices without missing anything.

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How to use WhatsApp Web on PC?

Using WhatsApp Web is quick and easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. On your mobile device, open the WhatsApp app and go to Settings > WhatsApp Web/Desktop.
  2. On your computer, go to web.whatsapp.com in a web browser like Chrome or Firefox.
  3. You’ll see a QR code on the computer screen. Use the WhatsApp app to scan this code.
  4. That’s it! Your WhatsApp account is now synced to the browser.

You’ll see all your existing chats and can start sending messages, sharing photos/videos, and using WhatsApp just like on your mobile app. Any new message or activity will show up on both devices.

How to logout from WhatsApp Web?

When you’re done using WhatsApp Web, you’ll want to log out to prevent unauthorized access. You can do this from either your mobile device or the browser:

On Mobile:

  1. Go to Settings > WhatsApp Web/Desktop
  2. Select ‘Log out from all computers’
  3. Confirm to log out

On Browser:

  1. Click the Menu button (three dots)
  2. Select ‘Log out’

Now you’re securely logged out of the WhatsApp Web session on that device.

With WhatsApp Web, you can easily make WhatsApp part of your desktop workflow while still having access on your mobile device. Give it a try next time you want to message from your computer!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I use WhatsApp Web on multiple computers?

Ans. Yes, you can use WhatsApp Web on multiple computers or tablets at the same time. Each device will need to be authenticated by scanning the QR code from your mobile app.

Q. Do I need to keep my phone connected to the internet?

Ans. Yes, your mobile phone must remain connected to the internet and have the WhatsApp app running for WhatsApp Web to stay connected. If your phone’s internet disconnects, so will your WhatsApp Web session.

Q. Is WhatsApp Web secure?

Ans. Yes, WhatsApp Web uses end-to-end encryption just like the mobile app. Your messages are secure and only you and the recipient can read them.

Q. Can I make voice/video calls on WhatsApp Web?

Ans. Currently, voice and video calling is only available on the WhatsApp mobile apps, not WhatsApp Web.

Q. Can I send GIFs, stickers, and use other features?

Ans. Most of the main features of WhatsApp are available on Web, including sending GIFs, stickers, documents, and using WhatsApp Status updates.

Q. Will my messages sync across devices if I use WhatsApp Web?

Ans. Yes, all your chats and messages will sync seamlessly between your mobile app and any WhatsApp Web sessions you have open.

Q. How do I log out remotely if I can’t access the computer?

Ans. You can log out of all WhatsApp Web sessions remotely from the WhatsApp app on your phone by going to Settings > WhatsApp Web/Desktop > Log out from all computers.

Q. Can I transfer my chat history to WhatsApp Web?

Ans. Your full chat history will already be synced to any WhatsApp Web sessions you authenticate using the QR code login.

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