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Overview of memory modules Kingston HyperX Fury DDR4-2666 (HX426C15FBK2 / 16) / Processors and memory

In recent months, we have witnessed a serious decline in the prices of computer memory. Globally, this process was influenced by quite ordinary market factors: weak demand and excess supply. However, if you pay attention to the cost of individual types of memory, there is another tendency: the new DDR4 SDRAM loses in price much […]

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Core i5-6400 and i3-6100 vs. i5-6600K / Processors and memory

Those users, whose acquaintance with the world of personal computers began in the last century, probably remember the legendary processors Celeron 300A. After all, overclocking as a mass phenomenon began precisely with them. And there were good reasons for that: they easily overclocked the frequency at least a half times, and as a result, such […]

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Overview of memory modules Kingston HyperX Fury DDR3L-1866 (HX318LC11FBK2 / 8) / Processors and memory

To be honest, we thought that we would not have to do DDR3 SDRAM tests. After the appearance of the LGA1151 and LGA2011-3 platforms, this standard systematically yields to the place of newer and faster DDR4 memory, and the replacement process is very fast. So, it is predicted that DDR4 will dominate DDR3 in the […]

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is there life on the AMD platform? / Processors and memory

Last time we found out that games do not require the fastest CPU and four Core i5 cores cover the needs of a powerful video card at almost any frequency. Maybe AMD processor is enough for this purpose? Let’s check what the chips from the FX and APU A6 / A8 / A10 rulers are […]

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desktop Carrizo / processors and memory

Hybrid processors of the Kaveri family remain the main offer of AMD for desktop personal computers for over two years now. AMD threw the main forces on the development of promising microarchitecture Zen, and therefore tries to reduce its costs, if possible, in connection with the preparation of any new products with different incarnations of […]

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Overview of the processor Intel Core i7-6950X Extreme Edition / Processors and memory

admin admin 2017-09-05 The fact that in early summer, Intel is going to update its high-performance platform for enthusiasts, LGA2011-v3, has been known for a long time. It is only natural that the microarchitecture of the Broadwell family, following the server processors, should come to multi-core Core i7, which, in fact, are […]

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Overview of the Patriot Viper 4 PV416G320C6K (DDR4-3200, 2 x 8 GB) memory / Processors and memory

Which memory should be preferred for systems based on the Skylake or Broadwell-E processors? The question is far from idle. The introduction of DDR4 SDRAM opened up considerable opportunities for the industry, and memory manufacturers, who are clearly bored with the long stagnation from DDR3, launched a fierce competition aimed at conquering new boundaries of […]

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nedoflagman / Processors and memory

The announcement of high-performance multi-core processors Broadwell-E was primarily interesting for enthusiasts engaged in multi-threaded computing. Intel decided to bring older Core i7 together with Xeon processors for workstations, resulting in a top CPU for desktops, which received ten cores. With a strong emphasis on this side of Broadwell-E and the entire past announcement was […]

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All of them together we will collect / Processors and memory|techeblogs

AMD company has long abandoned attempts to compete with Intel processors in the upper price segment and is not going to return to this market at least until at its disposal there are fundamentally new chips built on the promising micro architecture Zen. However, this does not mean that enthusiasts do not have to deal […]

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overclocker Skylake from China / Processors and memory

The progress that Intel processors undergo during the change of generations of microarchitecture has recently slowed noticeably. Indeed, if we compare the processors of the next few years of release similar to each other in positioning, it turns out that their computing performance differs at best by 3-7 percent, despite the fact that the developers […]

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