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When underloaded cores / processors and memory

AMD Ryzen processors, whose range has now grown to seven models with the number of cores from four to eight, after countless adjustments to the operating system settings, the release of new BIOS versions and even game patches, continue to show themselves to envy well in some tasks and surprisingly mediocrely in others. However, to […]

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Enhanced version with Hyper-Threading / Processors and memory

Many are used to seeing in the company of Intel giant hulking dinosaur, which, if able to respond to external challenges, it makes it belatedly and extremely slowly. In favor of the fidelity of such a metaphor speaks all the little progress that Intel processors have undergone in the last few years. Improving the specific […]

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Precursor of nuclear war / Processors and memory

admin Admin 2017-08-27 Updating the Intel HEDT platform has been planned for a very long time. A year ago, when the company released its Broadwell-E processors, it was known that they should be replaced by the newer Skylake-X. However, nothing particularly interesting from this event was expected. Noteworthy in the planned announcement was only that […]

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Cheap Zen / Processors and memory

Even when the Ryzen processors existed only in the project, AMD explained: the Zen microarchitecture is being developed with a view to universality. The idea was to regain lost ground in all segments of the processor market, but not to spend too much on development. That’s why for prospective CPUs, the “one size fits all” […]

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Preventive nuclear strike / Processors and memory

admin Admin 2017-08-26 The fact that AMD has been able to develop a decisive offensive in a short time in the processor market is really amazing. Since March, when the first Ryzen based on the new Zen microarchitecture were presented, it took only five months. But for this time the company was not only full-fledged […]

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Responses / Processors and memory

The first acquaintance with the processors of the generation Skylake-X, which we conducted using the example of the 10-core Core i9-7900X, left behind mixed impressions. It seems that Intel made a significant step forward: it repaired the internal structure of the CPU, optimized the cache memory subsystem, added support for vector instructions AVX-512, markedly increased […]

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