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Kaby Lake or Skylake Refresh / Processors and memory

admin admin 2017-09-02 The 2017, which began a few days ago, is the year of big processor announcements. So, this year AMD should introduce processors on the new architecture of Zen, and Intel is going to introduce a new platform for enthusiasts LGA2066. But all this – later. In the first days […]

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processors for PC / Processors and memory

processors for PC / Processors and memory | techeblogs And this is exactly so. In Kaby Lake in comparison with Skylake there is not even the usual three to five percent increase in speed. On equal terms with Skylake clock speeds, new processors produce completely identical performance, and all their advantage is explained […]

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Overview and testing of the DDR4 GeIL Evo X memory kit with 2 × 8 GB volume

GeIL, founded in 1993, is the manufacturer of one of the widest spectrum of RAM, which currently includes models from still somewhere in demand DDR2 SDRAM to high-speed DDR4 with a frequency of 4266 MHz. The further increase in frequencies is limited at the moment by the technological process, and therefore the company decided to […]

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choice of a mean overclocker / processors and memory

Our first acquaintance with the processors of the Kaby Lake family took place more than a month ago. Then we tested the flagship model in the lineup and came to the conclusion that Intel decided to offer almost the same thing as before (see Skylake), but with an optimized “supply-frequency” curve. In other words, there […]

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in the pursuit of 5 GHz / processors and memory

Intel Kaby Lake processors, with which the microprocessor giant “pleased” users of personal computers earlier this year, already received a couple of materials on our site. In them we got acquainted with the older LGA1151-chips in the updated series of Core i7 and Core i5. And the main conclusion is this: to call Kaby Lake […]

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Really waited?! / Processors and memory

Today is the case when thousands of words could be written in the introductory part of the article. Still, after all, Ryzen is coming out – the most promising x86-processor in the last five years, which is also the great value for which the personal computer industry will go in the near future. However, you […]

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cut off with benefit / processors and memory

The new Ryzen processors, which were presented to the public a few days ago, raised an unprecedented wave of online discussions. In some ways, the first Ryzen did not live up to expectations, something surpassed them in some ways, but more importantly, AMD was able to make sure that not only are they talking much […]

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5 GHz, inexpensive / Processors and memory

Not so long ago the concepts of “overclocking” and “inexpensive Intel processor” were considered to be contradictory. That is, initially they were perfectly compatible, but since 2010, when the microarchitecture Sandy Bridge came to Intel processors, the company decided to limit the list of available overclocking CPUs to just a few models of the special […]

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Core i5-7600K, move! / Processors and memory

The announcement of the Ryzen 7 processors, built on a fundamentally new AMD Zen microarchitecture, took place almost a month and a half ago. And judging by the intensity of the discussions that have not ceased since then, directly or indirectly affecting the new processors, AMD managed to attract a lot of attention to its […]

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Impact on performance and correct choice / Processors and memory

Let the new AMD Ryzen processors not become one of the best choice for assembling high-performance personal computers, but they managed to outstrip Intel’s competitors by the amount of attention that they could attract to themselves. This was not only due to the fact that the computer community was yearning for a full-fledged rivalry in […]

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