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Overview of the processor Intel Core i5-4690K. What is under the cover of Devil’s Canyon? / Processors and memory

So, the middle of this year was marked by the renewal of Intel’s line of processors for personal computers, conducted without the traditional introduction of a new microarchitecture. Emerging problems with the commissioning of 14-nm technology delayed the release of the next generation of Broadwell processors, so Intel had to come out of the situation […]

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game tests CPU from Celeron to eight-core Core i7 / Processors and memory

Now watching what is happening in the segment of high-performance CPUs is a much less fascinating occupation than in the past. There are several reasons for this. First, AMD for a long time left an attempt to take Intel’s leadership in computing power. The evolution of the chips of Intel itself still follows Moore’s law, […]

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Review Core i3-6320, i3-6100 and Pentium G4500 / processors and memory

Each month, the new LGA1151 platform and Skylake generation processors are gradually strengthening their market positions, replacing the familiar, but obsolete systems based on Haswell processors. However, such a replacement is clearly slower than the original Intel plan. This is due in part to the fact that the upgrade of the system with the transition […]

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Core i5-6400 and i3-6100 vs. i5-6600K / Processors and memory

Those users, whose acquaintance with the world of personal computers began in the last century, probably remember the legendary processors Celeron 300A. After all, overclocking as a mass phenomenon began precisely with them. And there were good reasons for that: they easily overclocked the frequency at least a half times, and as a result, such […]

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Overview of the processor Intel Core i7-6950X Extreme Edition / Processors and memory

admin admin 2017-09-05 The fact that in early summer, Intel is going to update its high-performance platform for enthusiasts, LGA2011-v3, has been known for a long time. It is only natural that the microarchitecture of the Broadwell family, following the server processors, should come to multi-core Core i7, which, in fact, are […]

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Core i5-7600K, move! / Processors and memory

The announcement of the Ryzen 7 processors, built on a fundamentally new AMD Zen microarchitecture, took place almost a month and a half ago. And judging by the intensity of the discussions that have not ceased since then, directly or indirectly affecting the new processors, AMD managed to attract a lot of attention to its […]

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