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5 Tools to Build AR Capabilities in Mobile Apps

This column is authored by Amit Tiwari, Digital Marketing Executive, OTS Solutions Photo by Baiq Bilqis on Unsplash With the constant technological changes, it has become paramount for the software design managers to stay in touch with the latest trends. It isn’t easy keeping tabs on the latest developments, and therefore, argument reality enables businesses […]

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Personal development (personal growth), success, progress and potential concepts. Male coach (human resources officer, supervisor) draw stairs to help employee with his growth.

5 Must Dos to Build a Successful Career

In this age when everything has gone mainstream and everyone is trying to make their ends meet in this corporate life. The career orientation has taken the lead in everyone’s life and this has resulted in the change of attitudes in life. So how do we achieve we have set out to achieve? The writing […]

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How to build a Dyson swarm and why it is needed

For any person interested in science fiction, Dyson’s sphere can act almost as a Holy Grail. More than half a century ago the famous physicist Freeman Dyson first suggested and then popularized the idea that a highly developed super-technological civilization will be able to extract as much useful energy as the entire star can produce […]

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Japanese build for the Olympics-2020 flying machines – TecheBlogs

The Japanese startup Cartivator with the support of Toyota plans to develop a commercial version of the Skydrive flying machine for the Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo in 2020. This is reported by Nikkei Asian Revew. The concept of a hybrid vehicle that can both fly and travel on roads at different times is […]

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