SpaceX announced the beginning of the third stage in the competition of the Hyperloop booths



The first stage of the competition among the developers of the cabins took place at the end of last year, the second took place in the summer. Then the company representatives said that they would definitely continue the tradition and make the third stage. Now the company Ilona Mask has opened a registration for the contest, which will take place next year. It is expected that during the third wave of testing, developers will demonstrate really wild speeds on their capsules.

The winner of the second stage was a team of German engineers whose capsule was able to accelerate in a vacuum tube to 324 kilometers an hour. But Mask himself and Tesla company are interested in creating their own transport system Hyperloop, so they also saved something interesting. Last week, its engineers decided to test a capsule of their own design and managed to disperse it already up to 355 kilometers per hour.

Ilon Mask is sure that the test space SpaceX is very suitable for running Hyperloop technologies – exactly where, he said, all the necessary conditions have been created for the capsules to be accelerated to the required speeds.

Despite the fact that before the realization of the idea of a vacuum transport system is still far away, the testing ground gives developers the opportunity to properly run their own offspring at different stages of their creation.

SpaceX announced the beginning of the third stage in the Hyperloop cockpit competition
Vyacheslav Larionov

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