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The trend to create a variety of “smart” things is gaining momentum. “Computerization” of the usual things, no doubt, makes our life easier and more convenient, but various kinds of portable electronics can easily be forgotten at home or lost, which can not be said about clothes. Without her, no one comes out of the house, so scientists from Harvard University have developed a “smart” fabric that can be used for clothing. Interestingly, no additional sensors are built into the fabric. It is itself “one big sensor.”

A study on a new fabric fabric technology for clothes is published in the publication Advanced Materials Technologies. “Smart” fabric consists of a layer of silicon, located between two layers of silvery conductive tissue. The conductivity of silicon is much less than silvery fabric, and such a “sandwich” forms a capacitive sensor. This sensor registers motion, capturing changes in the ability to hold the electric field charge between the two electrodes. When the tissue is stretched, the silicon layer becomes thinner, and the layers of the conducting tissue approach each other.

During the testing phase of the technology, experts developed a glove. The sensor recorded not only the “fitness indications”, but also the movements of the hand, including how many degrees each finger flexed. According to scientists, from such a fabric it is possible to make sports clothes and clothes for monitoring patients. As the author of the scientific research Ozgur Atalay said,

“Our work shows very promising results for tracking movements and creating” clothes with built-in trackers. ” For example, a golfer who wears clothes made of “smart” fabric will be able to understand whether he has the right posture and the stance to strike, and any athlete is able to track his progress without using additional gadgets. “


Smart fabric will make from any clothes a fitness tracker
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