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The first electric minibus with autopilot can already be pre-ordered from the French company NAVYA, which without noise, dust and unnecessary movements reported the beginning of sales of its offspring.

The minibus ARMA is packed with lidars, motion sensors, GPS-navigator and cameras, thanks to all this, he feels great on the road, distinguishing other cars, trees and road signs with pedestrians. He does not ride as fast as he would like, but he can already be used as a leisurely miniature shuttle or even a taxi.

The ARMA bus already carries employees of the French nuclear power plant, delivering to the destination up to fifteen passengers at a time.

The creators note that ARMA is much more economical than its diesel counterparts, because the maintenance of such an electric bus is cheaper, electricity is also cheaper than gasoline or diesel fuel, and the driver does not need to hire – he drives himself.

The developers do not call the prices for the electric bus, but they assure that such transport is indispensable not only to the employees of the nuclear power plant, but also to all comers. The press service of NAVYA reports that the assembly of buses will begin in the near future, and shipment to customers will begin in the third quarter of this year.

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