6 Essential Tips for Reviving Your Content Marketing Strategy

Many content marketers are not happy with the results of their efforts. In some cases, their efforts are not generating enough leads and in many cases, their campaigns are not converting as much as they would like. Only 22% of businesses are happy with their conversion rates Are you one of those content marketers struggling […]

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6 Tips to Help Your Solo Business and Avoid Isolation|TecheBlogs

Being your own boss has its perks! It is wonderful to call all the shots. The downside, however, is that there may be no one to listen to you, share ideas, or commiserate with you when business gets tough. Although it is rewarding to startup your own venture, it can get lonely. Here are 6 […]

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Personal development (personal growth), success, progress and potential concepts. Male coach (human resources officer, supervisor) draw stairs to help employee with his growth.

5 Must Dos to Build a Successful Career

In this age when everything has gone mainstream and everyone is trying to make their ends meet in this corporate life. The career orientation has taken the lead in everyone’s life and this has resulted in the change of attitudes in life. So how do we achieve we have set out to achieve? The writing […]

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No Funding, Break Even in a Year – The Bootstrapping Story of Keka

Shown Above – Vijay Yalamanchili, Founder, Keka The internet is ablaze with news about start ups succeeding in raising funds. Whether they succeed or not is a different story. In the midst of all this, we seldom come across companies that made it big without banking on investor’s money. One such company that has a […]

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6 Things All New eCommerce Store Owners Should Know

1. You’re likely in Google Sandbox Google’s Sandbox is an interesting beast, it’s a testing phase that Google puts your eCommerce site through in the search results. The more popular your targeted search terms, the longer you will be in the Sandbox. Essentially, Google takes a little time to suss your site out, trial you […]

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4 Ways to Transform Failure into Your Greatest Advantage

This curated column is authored by motivational blogger, Melissa Chu It seems like we have two options in life: Succeed or fail. Get what you worked for and you’re a success. Fall short of that, and you’re a failure. We think about these two outcomes as if they were binary. But maybe it’s time we […]

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7 Ways to Elevate Your Business Performance with Mind Mapping

Photo by Nik MacMillan on Unsplash Make a data dashboard for simple access to key assets Mind mapping is a brilliant beginning stage to be utilized as a method for designing access to key data, or assets significant for the business. This can be effortlessly accomplished using a mind mapping program to help the capacity and […]

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6 Benefits a Hybrid Cloud Strategy Offers

This column is authored by Ryan G, Digital Marketing Executive, Cloudhostings Adoption of cloud computing technology has considerably expanded over a previous couple of years, promising a good chance for innovation amongst businesses. But some businesses square measure still suspicious of however Cloud Computing will enhance or replace all or a part of their IT setting. Cloud […]

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Why CEOs and Developers Should Do Customer Support?

This column is authored by Srikanth Adiga, Founder, Krishagni When you report an issue in OpenSpecimen, it is very likely that you will hear back from one of Sri, Vinayak or Poornima – the three key folks who run the company. You might think – well, seems like these guys have nothing “big” to do! 😉 Many companies […]

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Review Core i3-6320, i3-6100 and Pentium G4500 / processors and memory

Each month, the new LGA1151 platform and Skylake generation processors are gradually strengthening their market positions, replacing the familiar, but obsolete systems based on Haswell processors. However, such a replacement is clearly slower than the original Intel plan. This is due in part to the fact that the upgrade of the system with the transition […]

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