5 Metrics That Are Important For the Growth of Your Brand

This column is authored by Birbahadur Singh Kathayat, Consultant, Lbswebsoft.com Photo by Lukas Blazek on Unsplash Whether you want to grow your brand or keep it more successful, your main goal would always be to know the number of people’s attention your brand got and how well has your brand grown. Metrics help in determining, realizing […]

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How AI is Changing Advertising Business

This column is authored by Gopa Kumar, Executive Vice President at Isobar India The latest buzz in the digital world is VR and AI. These technologies are unceasingly bringing in disruption within the marketing communication industry across the globe. AI powered advertising will soon be a buzz word and will be part of mainstream terminology […]

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unloved child / processors and memory

In early June, Intel released a new, fifth-generation desktop processor called Core, known by the code name Broadwell. Despite the fact that the new products became the first CPU for desktop systems manufactured using 14-nm technology, the event did not attract much attention. Intel did without conventional for such cases lush ceremonies and even greatly […]

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the price of the game / processors and memory

The beginning of summer in the market of computer hardware was very hot. Most manufacturers tried to tie announcements of promising products to the last exhibition Computex, which firmly won the title of the largest industry show. As a result, now we have to work tirelessly – new items arrive in the laboratory one after […]

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Skylake is already here / Processors and memory

The release of desktop processors Broadwell-DT a couple of months ago passed almost unnoticed. Their assortment in LGA1150-performance includes only two rather expensive quad-core models, which practically do not exceed the performance of Haswell generation predecessors, they have typical heat dissipation reduced to 65 W, low clock frequencies, and also are characterized by mediocre overclocking. […]

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details on the microarchitecture / processors and memory

The announcement of the generation of Skylake takes place in this somewhat unusual way. First of all, Intel introduced the Core i7-6700K and i5-6600K – older desktop models for enthusiasts – and even started selling them, but the output of mass processors for desktop computers, as well as for other market segments, was postponed for […]

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Overview of Kingston HyperX Savage DDR3 memory modules (HX318C9SRK4 / 32 and HX324C11SRK4 / 32) / Processors and memory

The memory standard DDR4 SDRAM came to personal computers about a year ago. But despite this, it has not gained much popularity, as until recently there was only one platform with its support – LGA2011-3. It is clear that such a premium high-performance platform could not become a good conductor of the new technology on […]

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scalping and overclocking / processors and memory

<! – scalping and overclocking / processors and memory | ] Of course, no one forbids exploiting the disassembled Skylake with the heat dissipator removed, but this entails several serious problems at once, and the danger of damaging the fragile semiconductor crystal by the cooler's bottom is only the smaller of them. In addition, you […]

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Impact of the Revolutionary Tech in the Field of eCommerce

This column is authored by Ronak Meghani, Co-Founder, Magneto IT Solutions When we talk about the year 2016, it was definitely a year of revolution when platforms like virtual reality added quality and authenticity to the major digital platform through updated technology. Whether we talk about social media platform or our favorite “Google” likes; last year […]

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5 Hacks to Make Fearless Life Changing Decisions

“You can’t make decisions based on fear and the possibility of what might happen.” This is what Michelle Obama once said. As a little kid, there are many things that we’re scared of. We’re scared to cross the road. We are afraid of getting near the dark part of our house. Why? Because we still […]

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