at the crossroads of two worlds / Processors and memory

Sad, but never-ending battles of fans of AMD and Intel processors have been in the past. Today, it’s very easy to answer the question, which processor is more profitable to buy for a productive desktop system. AMD has practically refused to compete with Intel in the upper price segments, and therefore, starting at about $ […]

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test four models / processors and memory

It is very likely that right now, when you read these lines, the Russian currency in its fall pierces the next bottom. Unfortunately, most of us can not do anything with economic trends, and the only thing that remains for us is to watch with gloomy growth in the prices of computer components. No import […]

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Future of AI in Social Media

This column is authored by Shekhar Mhaskar, Vice President Isobar There’s been nothing more rampantly spreading itself, than AI in the digital space. Be it computing to machine learning; marketing via chatbots to building industrial robots; gaming to NLP, and so on so forth. Before talking about the future of AI in Social Media, let’s step […]

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Integrating Apps to Enhance Learning

This column is authored by Gopalkrishnan Iyer, Strategist at hedgehog lab Quite often as an educator and a technology enthusiast, I am asked about the possibilities of learning inside the classrooms. In my view, learning opportunities have certainly widened in the last decade. This has been possible due to the availability of knowledge and information through some […]

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Career Benefits of a Strong Professional Network

This column is authored by Digital Marketing Strategist, Shameem Adhikarath Professionals use networking as a means to form relationships with others, in like or related fields, that help to expand ones’ effectiveness in an organization or industry. A key element to effective networking is to make you known. The premise being that the more people you […]

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Reasons Public Relations Agencies are Endangered

This column is authored by Kate Lobel, Director of Public Relations, Power Digital Marketing Understanding the public relations industry’s digital evolution is no longer an option, but rather a necessity for PR and marketing agencies to stay relevant to the growing and interconnected digital space. The expansion of technology within industries has changed the way […]

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12-core processor in the desktop / Processors and memory

In the recent past, the main characteristic of the central processors for desktop computers, adequately reflecting their level of performance, was the clock speed. Some of our readers probably even remember the times when it was this quantity, not the abstract processor number that was central to the CPU marking. However, since then everything has […]

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game tests CPU from Celeron to eight-core Core i7 / Processors and memory

Now watching what is happening in the segment of high-performance CPUs is a much less fascinating occupation than in the past. There are several reasons for this. First, AMD for a long time left an attempt to take Intel’s leadership in computing power. The evolution of the chips of Intel itself still follows Moore’s law, […]

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Top 9 Customer Experience Trends to Stay Competitive

This column is authored by Kalpana Arya, Content Expert with Techpillar In the modern scenario, businesses strive to create the best experiences for its buyers by being more customer centric. Those brands, which manage to excel at delivering the best customer experience are tasting success more frequently than others. Over 82 percent of companies consider customer experience as […]

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6 Ways to Reduce Mobile App Development Cost

This column is authored by Ray Parker, Digital Marketer, Iqvis Brand recognition and reaching out to customers is the key to success for any business. The ever-changing business scenario and innovation in technology has changed the face of marketing. Imagine yourself in the early 80’s and 90’s when you were handed brochures and pamphlets distributed by brands […]

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