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Fundamentals for Migrating to the Cloud

This column is authored by Mike Cockfield, Founder and MD, Khaos Control Solutions Moving to the cloud offers many benefits, particularly if you run a small business that you are planning on growing. The cloud gives you the flexibility to scale your business when you need to without a massive upheaval. The pay-as-you-go model also offers savings […]

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AMD Kaveri Mobile – evolution continues. Reporting / Processors and memory

At the beginning of the year, AMD introduced desktop processors Kaveri. Even then, there was little doubt that the manufacturer would sooner or later release a mobile version of such hybrid chips. As a result, this event had to wait almost six months – the official announcement of new APUs for laptops took place within […]

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Overview of the processor Intel Core i5-4690K. What is under the cover of Devil’s Canyon? / Processors and memory

So, the middle of this year was marked by the renewal of Intel’s line of processors for personal computers, conducted without the traditional introduction of a new microarchitecture. Emerging problems with the commissioning of 14-nm technology delayed the release of the next generation of Broadwell processors, so Intel had to come out of the situation […]

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we beat records of energy efficiency / Processors and memory

⇡ # Introduction Serious changes have taken place in the server and supercomputer market in recent years, and the main one is the emergence of heterogeneous computing and micro servers. When you look at the rating of TOP500 supercomputers, it becomes clear that every year not only the number of heterogeneous supercomputers grows, but “classical” […]

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new Kaveri – cheaper and more economical / processors and memory

Usually, when new APU generations were brought to the desktop market, AMD adhered to the tactics of mass announcements, when the complete lines of processors, beginning with the older ones and ending with the younger models, were produced almost simultaneously. The maximum that the company could afford was a small time gap between the actual […]

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breakthrough of the year / processors and memory

In March, Intel vice president, Lisa Graff (Lisa Graff), publicly promised that during this year the company's attitude to desktop personal computers will be rethought. Among other measures, Intel was going to pay more attention, including high-performance desktops, Which market, as it turns out, does not show a decline, despite all the trends of recent […]

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to remember … / Processors and memory

Frankly speaking, the AMD FX series of processors has not looked like alive for a long time and at least somehow developing. All points to the fact that AMD has shifted its main efforts to the promotion of hybrid processors, annually developing new architectures and platforms for them, while the FX family has not received […]

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at the crossroads of two worlds / Processors and memory

Sad, but never-ending battles of fans of AMD and Intel processors have been in the past. Today, it’s very easy to answer the question, which processor is more profitable to buy for a productive desktop system. AMD has practically refused to compete with Intel in the upper price segments, and therefore, starting at about $ […]

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test four models / processors and memory

It is very likely that right now, when you read these lines, the Russian currency in its fall pierces the next bottom. Unfortunately, most of us can not do anything with economic trends, and the only thing that remains for us is to watch with gloomy growth in the prices of computer components. No import […]

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Future of AI in Social Media

This column is authored by Shekhar Mhaskar, Vice President Isobar There’s been nothing more rampantly spreading itself, than AI in the digital space. Be it computing to machine learning; marketing via chatbots to building industrial robots; gaming to NLP, and so on so forth. Before talking about the future of AI in Social Media, let’s step […]

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