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Why B2B Marketers Need To Implement Marketing Automation?

This column is authored by Amberlynn Adam, Blogger, Content Developer & Editor at DataCaptive Photo by Štefan Štefančík on Unsplash If you have ever been part of a marketing team of a corporate, you will know how hectic the work can be. Along with focusing on industry needs, the marketers are also supposed to concentrate on day-to-day tasks […]

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5 Tools to Build AR Capabilities in Mobile Apps

This column is authored by Amit Tiwari, Digital Marketing Executive, OTS Solutions Photo by Baiq Bilqis on Unsplash With the constant technological changes, it has become paramount for the software design managers to stay in touch with the latest trends. It isn’t easy keeping tabs on the latest developments, and therefore, argument reality enables businesses […]

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How to Have a Better Shot at Securing VC Fundraising For Your Startup

This column is authored by Kalpana Arya, Content Expert with Techpillar Raising money for your startup business can be a tedious task. From developing a minimum viable product to refining your pitch, you need to try different strategies and give your best shot during the gruelling ‘Shark Tank’ session. As a startup entrepreneur, you may find […]

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Integrating Apps to Enhance Learning

This column is authored by Gopalkrishnan Iyer, Strategist at hedgehog lab Quite often as an educator and a technology enthusiast, I am asked about the possibilities of learning inside the classrooms. In my view, learning opportunities have certainly widened in the last decade. This has been possible due to the availability of knowledge and information through some […]

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6 Tips to Help Your Solo Business and Avoid Isolation|TecheBlogs

Being your own boss has its perks! It is wonderful to call all the shots. The downside, however, is that there may be no one to listen to you, share ideas, or commiserate with you when business gets tough. Although it is rewarding to startup your own venture, it can get lonely. Here are 6 […]

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Review of the game Yakuza Kiwami – release dates, reviews, reviews and best news from the world of video games on

In January of this year, I told our readers about the adventure thriller Yakuza 0, which carries players to Tokyo in the 80s and reveals the secrets of the origin of the protagonists of the popular video game series. Despite the fact that it was a prequel of the entire franchise, the first in the […]

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All of them together we will collect / Processors and memory|techeblogs

AMD company has long abandoned attempts to compete with Intel processors in the upper price segment and is not going to return to this market at least until at its disposal there are fundamentally new chips built on the promising micro architecture Zen. However, this does not mean that enthusiasts do not have to deal […]

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Sales of the first unmanned bus will begin in the fall of 2017 – TecheBlogs

Sales of the first unmanned bus will begin in the fall of 2017• The first electric minibus with autopilot can already be pre-ordered from the French company NAVYA, which without noise, dust and unnecessary movements reported the beginning of sales of its offspring. The minibus ARMA is packed with lidars, motion sensors, GPS-navigator and cameras, […]

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Facebook fights fake news spread via modified link previews – techeblogs

Until now, any Facebook Page that posted a link could change the headline, body text and image that appeared in the News Feed preview. That allowed fake news distributors to bait-and-switch readers into visiting articles they didn’t expect, or make it look like legitimate news publishers were posting inflammatory or false headlines. But it also […]

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Headphone review Simgot EN700 Bass – sound with style – TecheBlogs

Sometimes headphones are so beautiful that they even want to forget about the sound (well, at least at the beginning). A vivid example of such is the debut model of Simgot EN700. Fortunately, their stylish design was supplemented by normal sound, but in our time just “normal” sound is not enough, therefore the model EN700 […]

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